Our Mentors

It seems fitting on this page to acknowledge our friends and mentors, the owners of the lovely boys responsible for all our kitties.

Linda Hoal of Lavinshy Burmese has been invaluably helpful to us. Breeding is complicated, and without her we couldn’t have done it.

Stevie Hillman of Toscana Burmese joined us later in our journey, and she’s been kind, encouraging and immensely helpful too.


(International Champion)

Talitoe Theodore of Wendele


(International Champion) Wendele Cats Mister Bagpuss


(Champion) Jax Waltzer

Talitoe Theodore of Wendele (or Teddy as he’s called at home) is a beautiful, loveable Chocolate boy. It’s easy to see why he’s an International Champion, and his kittens are so cuddly, affectionate and very, very beautiful too.

He has a lovely owner in Sandy and she takes such special care of both his welfare and the welfare of all the cats who come to see him. He has lovely big quarters and a huge garden to himself when he’s not seeing his lady friends. He really is treasured, and such a happy cat.



(Grand Champion)

Seysiana Sundaybest


(Champion) Merinda Platinum Chip


Oakenshield Seysiana

Grand Champion Seysiana Sundaybest (Toscana Burmese), aka Boysie, is a wonderful, gentle boy, with excellent pedigree. Many of his kittens have gone on to become Champions in their turn. When we wanted to produce a Lilac Queen, we couldn’t have found a better Sire than Boysie.

Ditto Retired


(Grand Champion)

Bandito v. Silvan


(Supreme Grand Int. Champion) Jamiro v. Silvan


Rosalyn v. Silvan

Grand Champion Bandito v. Silvan ( Lavinshy Burmese), Ditto has been specially imported from Germany and has taken UK shows by storm. He’s now a Grand Champion and is a stunning boy with a very loving temperament.

Sonny Retired



Karlac Son-ofsundance


(Imperial Grand Champion) Karlac Sundance Kid


Karlac Razamataz

Champion Karlac Son-ofsundance ( Lavinshy Burmese), Sonny for short, has a lovely personality and was a very worthy successor to Bertie. He comes from a long line of Champions, Grand Champions and UK Grand Champions. He’s big, cuddly and friendly, and produced gorgeous kittens until his retirement in 2017.



Yorcat Finn


(Champion) Alderniti Yorcat Alfie


Gayzette Jay

Yorcat Finn ( Lavinshy Burmese), affectionately known as Bertie, has now retired from breeding. He has the loveliest temperament and sired many litters of beautiful, playful and affectionate kittens for us. He’s throughly enjoying his new status as a much-loved lap cat!